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November 11, 2013

Online cheating in American colleges

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by Michael Guista, Lompoc Record

Brief discussions with my students have revealed interesting strategies. For example, if a student fears his work is being turned in too late for credit, he can turn back his computer’s clock and change the date and time of submission. The answers to many test questions can be found with quick Google searches. More industrious students go to sites revealing the correct answers. There are numerous potential solutions, but most are flawed. Cheating occurs in onsite instruction, but indicators are it happens at a lower rate. The best solution is probably to have all students be onsite for exams and show photo IDs, or at least come for one exam, perhaps the final, but it’s doubtful that many colleges will demand that. Right now, as teachers and administrators around the nation refuse to face the facts that online cheating is a truly serious problem, we are not about to have on-campus proctoring. But we can at least begin to talk about the problem objectively and openly.

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