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March 29, 2013

Learning Online: How to Finish a MOOC

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Luckier programs see 20% of enrollees finish their courses, but on average only 10% or fewer stay from beginning to end. Although 77% of professors and higher education administrators look favorably upon online courses on the whole, they remain largely skeptical of what MOOCs can offer. A mere 2.6% of colleges and universities currently offer MOOCs, while only 9.4% plan to experiment with the format. However, it is worth noting that many individuals who sign up for MOOCs do not necessarily identify as students. Some supporters believe the retention and completion numbers should not garner as much concern as they do. Not all the hundreds of thousands of people who sign up for MOOCs do so for academic reasons. Many prefer dipping in and out of the casual atmosphere, treating it as a hobby as opposed to serious educational inquiry. “MOOC platforms are an emerging technology,” says Barbara Truman, vice president of learning technologies at Academic Partnerships, which oversees the influential MOOC2Degree initiative. “Platform capabilities that provide rich, automated feedback, practice, social interaction, and assessment are being used and are explored for use in MOOCs. Regular learning management systems are being tested for their extensibility to support MOOCs.”

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