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July 7, 2021

Student Voices: The future is hybrid in higher education

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Lovina Andersen, Seattle Times

To understand what works and what doesn’t with hybrid education, I surveyed 41 college peers last November on whether they preferred online, in-person, or hybrid classes. For the 38 people who preferred in-person or hybrid, 79% cited social interaction as their primary reason. I couldn’t agree more. During those last months of my senior year, I felt the loss of a social atmosphere keenly. As a college freshman in Provo, Utah, a thousand miles from home and surrounded by 33,000 strangers, I felt it even more. Even in my few in-person classes, mandatory social distancing and masks made it hard to connect with peers. Bonding opportunities like group projects, close seating and classroom discussions were restricted or abandoned for fear of contamination.

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