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January 11, 2013

The Role of Truth, Trust and Context in Online Learning

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by 21st Century Collaborative

I have been thinking today about truth, trust, and learning. I am going to try and weave them together in a post that makes some logical sense but if I fail, I ask your forgiveness in advance. Maybe hear this post as sound bites rather than a narrative as I try to find my way. I was listening to Dr. Ravi Zacharias and heard him say, “Intent is prior to content” and my mind exploded. I whispered, “Yes, content needs to be situated in truth (i.e. that which conforms to reality as it actually is) or context and that is why a thick schema (prior knowledge and experience) is so important.” Content (new information) will attach to existing schema and allow for easily processing (sense making) or learning. Trusting in the context (where the new content is situated) and how well it aligns with prior knowledge is what enables us to accept it as truth. Think of stacking bowls with content nestled or situated inside context. Imagine just teaching content without the context setting. Or imagine content being the big bowl, with context situated in it.

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