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December 30, 2012

As Online Learning Grows, the College Campus Lives On

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by Warren Bennis, Bloomberg Business Week

Some experts worry (or perhaps hope) that traditional college campuses may soon be shuttered. I would suggest that, while change will come, some aspects of business education will not change. Experts were once convinced that the printing press and widespread dissemination of books would make it unnecessary for students to traverse rivers, forests, and mountains to convene physically around a faculty master. Some were convinced that university education could cheaply be replaced by public libraries. And some believed that the advent of the U.S. Post Office would make campuses unnecessary. Why, then, has the traditional form of education endured so far? For the same reason that it will endure in coming years: Human beings instinctively and habitually crave proximity to whatever they value or venerate. They crave closeness to the source. And they value congregating with others during such deep experiences of closeness.

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