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January 26, 2020

‘Techlash’ Hits College Campuses

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Emma Goldberg, NY Times

Many students still see employment in tech as a ticket to prosperity, but for job seekers who can afford to be choosy, there is a growing sentiment that Silicon Valley’s most lucrative positions aren’t worth the ethical quandaries. Claire Stapleton worked at Google and YouTube for 12 years. “There was this ambient glow of being part of a company that was changing the world,” she said. “Working at Google or Facebook seemed like the coolest thing ever my freshman year, because you’d get paid a ton of money but it was socially responsible,” said Chand Rajendra-Nicolucci, 21, a senior at the University of Michigan. “It was like a utopian workplace.” Now, he said, “there’s more hesitation about the moral qualities of these jobs. It’s like how people look at Wall Street.”

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