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September 30, 2019

Forecasts, FlexchainEdu, and the Promise of Future Horizons

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Taylor Kendal, EDUCAUSE Review

Berners-Lee’s oft-quoted view of the future-past of the web applies equally well to the higher education ecosystem: its future is so much bigger than its past. I believe that in just a decade, the postsecondary education ecosystem will be both utterly unrecognizable and strikingly familiar. It will consist of bootcamp-university hybrids, algorithm-driven space-sharing agreements, discipline-specific micro-schools, AI-driven instruction/courses, and perhaps most noticeable and widespread, entirely new means of validating the knowledge and skills that such an ecosystem is providing or was meant to provide its students. Yet while surrounding pressures will necessitate some degree of adaptation, this landscape will still be dotted with legacy systems, slow-rotting code, and familiar conversations regarding how we plan to prepare future generations for the ever-changing technological revolution looming just over the horizon.

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