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January 8, 2019

Online Education is Paving a Smoother Path to Earning Data Science Skills

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Inside Big Data

A recent report from IBM states that there will be over 300,000 new job openings for data driven professionals by 2020. As it stands now, there is a shortage of the necessary technical skills for these roles. Specifically, professionals should focus on how to turn data into decisions. We’ve learned to build the infrastructure that can store and process massive amounts of data, but we still lack the critical ability to convert that data into meaningful information.  Some universities are adapting to this data revolution by providing more on-campus data science courses, however, these are relatively new offerings that were not available to most while they were in school. Many professionals need rigorous training in these skills now, and want them without having to leave their day job. They need the practicality and flexibility that online learning provides, so the operative question becomes: can MOOCS deliver these skills without compromising quality?

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