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December 28, 2018

Machine Learning and Mobile Technology: Amalgamation for the Future

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by Ashish Parmar, Analytics Insight

Machine learning is the technology of the future; it is just the beginning of its implementation in today’s world. It is a part of artificial intelligence that has grown substantially for its usage in diverse fields and is proving worthy every day with new utilizations in daily life. Machine learning is estimated to have a market share of $153 Billion, which is quite big a number for a something that is still an emerging technology. What makes machine learning such an important technology is the ease of its implementation in various fields like Health, Automobile, Smartphones, Food, etc. Almost anything you can think of can be supervised by machine learning. Furthermore, it is not dependent on any platform as it can be implemented for any device such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone and is executable on various Computer Languages such as Java, Python, big data etc. ML as of now has not established any boundaries or parameters for its usage in any particular field, it is very flexible to execute and is customizable for the desired results.

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