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December 28, 2011


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More and more individuals are embracing web based classes as a credible place to obtain a college degree, mainly because of the evolving technology as well as the benefits they bring. Education naturally can be a wasteful industry, plenty of paper and oil is used in teaching people. Consider the amount of paper that is used in conventional education, and also the amount of gas that is utilized to get students both to and from school. Those who take classes online use barely any paper at all plus they are cutting back on gas given that they do not need to travel to get their education. Altogether, 5.6 million individuals are taking university classes according to a recent survey. Over 15 million trees would be saved if the 5.6 million college students took their classes online as opposed to at a conventional university. A university student taking online university courses is using substantially less paper and also gas, therefore helping the environment. A university campus uses up big amounts of land to build large buildings and dormitories, and also a lot of land is spent on parking lots. An internet based school doesn’t need a huge campus, everything the school has to offer can be accessed with a simple internet connection.

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