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March 30, 2011

Teachers reconnect, have their classes connect through online learning

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By Jacob Quinn Sanders, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

At first, Sherrie Kovach was happy just to have reconnected after 30 years with a long-lost friend. How funny that they had both become teachers — she of first-graders at Highcliff Elementary School in the North Hills, where she grew up, and Jennifer Danzi with a second-grade class on Long Island, N.Y. They found each other again through Facebook. That Internet reunion gave them another idea, when Mrs. Kovach began teaching second-graders this year: Why not have their classes meet each other face to face — or as close to face to face as they could get? In the past few weeks, the two teachers have connected their classes through the Internet phone service Skype, which transmits pictures as well as voices, and through handwritten letters in the mail. As the women have become reacquainted, their students have had the chance to learn about other kids and their lives, hundreds of miles away.

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