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August 29, 2016

‘Smartphone As Learning Tool Can Reach Millions’

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by Byju Raveendran, Business World

Seventy per cent of the India K-12 segment has access to a smartphone, and this percentage is fast increasing. This gives an opportunity to use smartphone as a learning device and app as a medium to reach millions of students. This can solve the problem of access. There is also a lot of scope for improvement in the way students learn. Today, learning is still driven by the fear of exams, and not the love for learning. There is so much focus on the end result of marks and grades that students miss out on the fun of real learning. If students learn in the right way, and if they like learning, they will secure good marks anyway. We are all getting trained to solve questions, but not to find problems. If we can have a system which encourages students to take the initiative to learn on their own, with parents and teachers playing supporting roles, it will help them reach their true potential.

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