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August 26, 2016

How an Aussie teaching innovation was backed by Bill Gates and swept US universities

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by Tim Dodd, Financial Review

Dr Ben-Naim said he was very pleased to be bringing the adaptive learning delivered courses back to Australia where Smart Sparrow’s technology was developed. “It’s an Australian innovation which has had significant success in America and now we are able to bring it back to Australia. For us it’s very exciting,” he said. He said that the teacher’s role was not diminished by using the adaptive and multi-disciplinary approach to learning in the Inspark network, where students absorbed the key concepts online outside of the classroom. “They [students] still come to class and compare work, they work in small groups on a different problems, and the teacher has the opportunity to talk about something more advanced,” Dr Ben-Naim said. “We can make more students smarter in less time. We optimise the learning and the teacher time.”

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