US: Distance learning enrolments up despite for-profit drop

by the PIE News

More than one in four students in the US was enrolled on at least one distance learning course in 2014, new research by the Babson Survey Research Group has shown. This marks a 13th consecutive year of enrolment growth, but the research also shows that bucking the trend, the for-profit sector has seen enrolments fall. The for-profit private sector saw a 10% drop in student enrolments to 961,173. The not-for-profit private sector experienced “tremendous growth” in the number of students enrolled on distance learning courses – those that do not require students to come onto campus to learn – between 2012 and 2014, up 26% to 960,751 students, contrasting starkly with a 10% drop to 961,173 students on these courses run by for-profit companies over the same period.

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