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October 29, 2010

Take online courses with Professor Google

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By Michael Dippold, Northern Iowan

When we’re young, education can seem like a nuisance that we’re legally obligated to tolerate. During our college years, it often feels like a series of hoops that we have to jump through in order to obtain a diploma – the all-important piece of paper that allows us to find employment and be successful in “real life.” This makes me sad, because it gives education – whether formal or informal – a bad image that it doesn’t deserve. By the time most kids graduate college, they’re ready to sell all of their books, hang up their learning hat and close that chapter of their lives for good. So consider this a wake-up call. Extracurricular learning is not something that’s terribly hard to do. It’s as simple as remembering the things that you have always wished you could do and starting to learn how to do them.

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