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February 27, 2013

On the internet, now everybody knows you’re not a dog

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By Steve Ranger, ZDNet

Internet anonymity is being eroded by desires to streamline online transactions and the demands of web businesses to know more about us. But is this new world of bring-your-own-ID a good thing? And our social media identities are becoming valuable beyond the boundaries of the website where they were created. “Social media as a source of identity is already being used widely,” said Bob Tarzey, analyst with Quocirca: Facebook users, for example, can use their identity to sign into services such as Spotify, or other websites to post comments. Tarzey sees these identities being used more broadly in the future, which he describes as ‘bring your own identity’ or BYO-ID. According to Quocirca research sponsored by CA Technologies, increasing numbers of organisations are using social media identities as a way of recognising customers and staff — leading to increased interest in identity and access management technologies. “Is it even possible in future that your Facebook or Google identity could be the basis for your access to online banking?” the research asks.

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