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November 26, 2019

Give Me Security, Give Me Convenience, or Give Me Both!

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Joe Galanek, EDUCAUSE Review

When it comes to information security, well-informed paranoia is a good trait for everyone to cultivate.1 Security remains at the top of the EDUCAUSE list of “Top Ten IT Issues” year after year, reflecting the importance of cybersecurity and the need to foster an institutional culture of security. Even though it is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, convenience is still an important consideration, right? Why would someone bother going through extra steps for a login when a quick social login with Facebook or Google is so much more convenient?2 Do you really need a password manager if you add a symbol, dollar sign, or ampersand to your dog’s birthday? (Yes!) But in an age of unprecedented convenience, don’t people deserve ease, utility, and simplicity?3 In fact, aren’t things like social logins and online shopping catering to the desire for convenience?

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