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June 26, 2019

7 Things That Prove the Efficiency of Tech Advancements in Education

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Mose Niccky, Thrive Global

Those teachers who underestimate the role of tech innovations should read this post to find out how they and their students can benefit from using some. Both education and technologies have a high impact on our wealth today. They contribute to the knowledge of humanity. In many ways, education looks much the same as it was centuries ago. The difference is while the professor is lecturing from a podium in front of the audience, they are also using various tech devices and tools to help students understand the topic better. Some of the students have tablets in front of them instead of heavy, lengthy textbooks. Some of them scroll down the newsfeed to offer fresh ideas for discussion while others search actively on the web to find an answer to another tricky question of their tutor. Only a cynic would claim that technologies have nothing to do with academics.

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