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March 19, 2019

How the Future of Work Will Influence the Future of Learning #DLNchat

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By Michael Sano, EdSurge

The #DLNchat community recently explored this question of work and learning, and while there was some disagreement about how much society can predict about specific jobs in the coming decades, there was agreement about how higher ed institutions can help prepare its students for whatever careers lie ahead. Automation looms large in many predictions about the future of work. In response, #DLNchat-ters posited that universities can strengthen the cultivation of skills like critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and literacy. “Prensky says to let technology do what it does best and hone our skills, as humans, to do what we do best—responding, reacting, engaging as humans who understand nuance and beauty,” said Erin Crisp. Many argue this focus on so-called “soft skills” has long been what learners gain from a liberal-arts education. Just don’t call them “soft skills” at #DLNchat.

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