Windows 8 Look to Redefine PC Experience

by Darryl K. Taft, eWeek

Windows 8 is a chance for Microsoft and its partners to put the PC back at the center of people’s lives, while also expanding into tablets—an area Apple has dominated with the iPad. On May 21, Microsoft shared details on the multi-monitor experience for Windows 8. “From the very first public release and demonstrations of Windows 8, we have shown improvements over Windows 7 for multi-monitor scenarios and have shown how we support new Metro-style apps within a multi-monitor environment,” said Microsoft’s Windows president Steven Sinofsky. “We have continued to develop and refine features for multiple monitors and have significantly enhanced the experience as we move to our next milestone, the Release Preview.” Here, eWEEK looks at what Windows 7 has to offer both business users and consumers, and previews what people can expect from Microsoft Windows 8 and what the company has done since the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and earlier versions of the new operating system.

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