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November 9, 2018

How Credentials Can Help Students Prepare for Future Success

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by Linda Noonan, edTech Times

MBAE launched the Credentials for Success initiative to try to help close this skills gap. The goal is to expand opportunities for students to earn industry-recognized credentials in high school, so they can enhance their employability early on. Linda says credentials should be offered at schools as an option, not an end-all be-all requirement. “This is basically another tool that schools can access, should they choose, to serve their kids, and to help get their kids future ready—regardless of what that future will hold. Whether it’s college or not,” says Linda. In Florida, where schools receive a financial incentive for each student that earns an industry-recognized credential that is tied to labor market demand, “Students who enrolled in the program have demonstrated higher GPAs, higher graduation rates, higher post-secondary enrollment rates, and students had higher placement rates in employment following high school graduation. And with industry certifications, they surpassed their peers in overall average earnings by the third year they were in the workforce.”

How Credentials Can Help Students Prepare for Future Success: Linda Noonan Discusses MBAE’s New Initiative

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