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October 22, 2018

Google 2.0: Why MIT scientists are building a new search engine

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by Peter Hopkins, Big Think

W. Daniel Hillis is an inventor, engineer and author, Professor at the MIT Media Lab and Judge Widney Professor of Engineering and Medicine at the University of Southern California. Decentralizing knowledge and making information provenance transparent will be a revolution in the so-called “post-truth age”. The Underlay, a revolutionary knowledge graph, is being developed at MIT by Danny Hillis, SJ Klein, Travis Rich. “So the idea is that what we really need to do is we need to separate up two things. We need to separate the record of what different people said and who said it—the provenance of what was said—And then separately have in some sense a network of trust which is going to be different for different purposes…. A fact is a fact. It’s not copyrightable, to own truth.”

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