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August 26, 2018

The Tech Legend Who Pays Staff To Upskill

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by Adi Gaskell, Forbes

Sadly, few organizations seem to be adopting MOOCs as a way to provide employees with an easy and affordable way to keep their skills up to date, but one who most definitely are is the tech startup C3 IoT.  The company, which was founded by technology heavyweight Tom Siebel, offers employees over $1,000 for each MOOC they take. The aim is to provide employees who have been recruited in large part because of their desire and their willingness to learn, with the tools they require to keep their knowledge up to date. “In order for us to stay ahead of this, when we interview people we tend to self select for people who are well educated and who are challenged by interesting problems,” Siebel told me recently. “People who have a book in their hand. We like to think of our people as self learners, and this is part of our core values to be inquisitive and always learning.”

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