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August 23, 2018

Deep Learning in a Digital World of Possibilities

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by Matthew Lynch, Tech Edvocate

While there have likely been many factors contributing to the current state of affairs, an important one is that most edtech tools have not focused on deeper learning. The fact is that it is pretty simple to design edtech that tests students’ recall of material: pretty much anyone can create multiple choice questions on a digital platform. But rote memorization and spitting back facts are not the route to deep learning. Instead, the next generation of edtech needs to focus on deeper learning to be truly impactful. How can this be done? There are a variety of models for what constitutes deeper learning that edtech designers can consult. One classic source is Bloom’s taxonomy, especially the revised version. The tendency to emphasize the lowest levels of the pyramid needs to be avoided. While it is normally easier and cheaper to design digital tools that test students’ ability to remember information simply, this is not deep learning. Instead, edtech can focus on the top of the pyramid and promote instructional materials that encourage students to evaluate and create.

Deep Learning in a Digital World of Possibilities

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