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June 25, 2018

As Demand for Online Schools Grows, So Does Need for Accurate Evaluation

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By Kevin P. Chavous, THE Journal

Families are opting for online and blended education because the models allow for greater customization to meet the needs of each student in ways that many traditional schools cannot. Learning systems used in online and blended schools also empower teachers to more effectively personalize learning — measure progress, adjust pace, and provide extra support when needed for every learner — which is a major advantage for both struggling students as well as high-achievers. This level of personalization can be a challenge to achieve in a traditional classroom. Yet, while the report acknowledges the growing demand for virtual schools, it relies on inaccurate and unavailable data to evaluate the schools’ effectiveness. The report’s claim that virtual schools are less diverse, and serve a lower number of low-income and special needs students are inconsistent with data from K12-partner schools (which make up 39 percent of online schools).

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