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December 30, 2017

VR and AR: Learners as Creators and World Builders of Our Immersive Future

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by Emory Craig and Maya Georgieva, EDUCAUSE Review

In working with faculty, staff, and administrators in higher education, we’re often asked, How do you get started with VR? What will be the impact of immersive computing on education? What are the real benefits for students beyond the novelty factor of a new technology? Thinking through these important questions, it is helpful to reflect on the work of the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report. One of the major developments across the educational spectrum is the idea of students as creators; we see this as one of the most exciting areas in the use of virtual and augmented reality. Students today aspire to do more with technology than simply be passive consumers of a new media form. The compelling nature of immersive technologies inspires them to become creators and active explorers in the making of a new medium. For this post, we’d like to explore some of the early and exciting student projects in this area.

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