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October 26, 2017

Is blockchain the answer to higher ed’s cybersecurity problems?

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The implications for the industry are huge: using blockchain means we can now offer credentials that are unhackable and unfakeable. It also means that we can help remove the stigma for employers when interviewing candidates with certifications from lesser-known or non-traditional institutions. Not everyone can graduate from an Ivy-League school (or a traditional college or university, for that matter), and rarely does anyone take the same road to educational and professional achievement. With blockchain verification, we can help the world place their trust in a sound technology, rather than relying on preconceived notions on how or when something should be learned. Businesses constantly weigh risk: financial, reputational, economic or competitor-related. In an age where reputation and trust mean everything, verifying an individual’s educational attainment is both consequential for the legitimacy of online learning, and the future of the workforce.

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