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May 3, 2017

Calculate the True Cost of an Online Degree

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By Chris Foley, US News

Choosing between online and on-campus education and then selecting a specific program can be tricky if you don’t first determine all of the costs. Many prospective students only consider tuition and fees, what are usually referred to as “direct costs,” or those that college will bill directly to you. But they usually overlook the hidden costs of getting an education – like having to give up a job or moving elsewhere. These are “opportunity costs,” and they can be a major factor when deciding between an online and traditional degree or certificate. Opportunity costs include whatever a student gives up to pursue a degree. If you enroll in an on-campus program, you may have to pass up a promotion or cut down your work hours. Thus, the opportunity costs of a full-time traditional program, especially one requiring you to relocate, can be quite significant – larger than just tuition and fees.

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