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December 5, 2015

When Someone Else Takes Your Online College Class

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BY KENT MCDILL, Millionaire Corner

It has also become easily possible for a “college student’’ to have someone else take some or all of their college courses, so that they can instead play Frisbee golf or earn a paycheck at the same time. There are services, multiplying as you read this, that offer the services of a human being who will “attend’’ any online college course you want a surrogate for, with a promise of getting a passing grade, or even a high grade if you are willing to pay for that add-on. These cheating services advertise openly on websites frequented by college students, on sites like Craigslist, which advertise to students within the specific areas the colleges are “located” in. So even if you are part of a “blended’’ program, which combines online classes with on-campus classes, the cheating services can help you get through that class you don’t have to show up for.

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