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November 28, 2015

Why the ‘moonshot project’ that Google just launched could be such a big deal

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by Jillian D’Onfro, Business Insider

Content from the nine apps that Google partnered with will now show up in mobile-search results, even if it doesn’t exist on the company’s website, and users will be able to click a “stream” button to get the full app experience without installing anything. Until this week, Google could only turn up information that also lived on a website. That meant that you were potentially missing out on the best results, because that information was locked away inside an app. But now that Google will show app-only content in search, you’ll be more likely to get better results since it can talk to both the apps and the websites. And with streaming, you won’t be limited to the “mobile-friendly” version of a service’s website, which could lack features. Instead, you’ll get the full experience as if you were really using their app, without the commitment or smartphone space required to download.

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