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October 26, 2015

Students use local schools’ Wi-Fi to finish homework after class

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By Harold Reutter, the Independent

Last Tuesday afternoon, Walnut students Destiny Deleon, Julio Chamul and Ralph Deleon were using their Thinkpads to complete homework assignments. Destiny, a sixth-grader, was doing work for her 21st Century Learning class. She said she was creating a presentation “on a kid named Charles.” Her brother, Ralph, and their friend, Julio, were each working on a seventh-grade social studies assignment, learning about the Aztecs and the Incas. There’s nothing unusual about middle school students doing homework, except perhaps the location. The trio was sitting near Lincoln Elementary while working. As Destiny explained, she and the other students “need the Internet” to do their homework assignments and they do not have a home Internet connection. So they sit near Lincoln Elementary to use the school’s wireless connection.

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