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October 25, 2013

Your tutor is a computer

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by DAVID ISRAELSON, The Globe and Mail

“We’re working with millennium students [students who have come of age in the 21st century] so we want to use technology to create buy-in. You want to keep everything interesting and relevant,” Ms. Lloyd says. It’s cheaper and easier than ever to deploy up-to-date technology for academic coaching and tutoring, she adds: “You used to have to buy specialized software or hardware, but there’s less of that these days. For example, text-to-speech is built in to a lot of computers.” Evoke uses the cloud to store student materials. “Once their notes are dropped into the cloud, they don’t get lost, and they don’t have memory keys that can get lost either,” Ms. Lloyd says. Looking ahead, Evoke aims to make its Web presence more robust. “We want to develop our own videos, to help students understand various disabilities or exceptionalities and find strong ways to study for tests or exams,” she explains.

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