New Essay-Grading Software Would Be Beneficial To University

by Molly Block, Tx State University Star

Texas State officials should implement new essay-grading software embraced by big-name universities across the nation to help relieve stress for students and free up busy schedules for professors. According to an April 4 New York Times article, a non-profit enterprise by the name of edX is releasing a new essay-grading software to be available for free online. The new software will give instant feedback on essays and will allow students the option to rewrite essays or short-answer questions for a better score.

According to the same article, professors are required to grade 100 essays or essay questions to help the software prepare for grading papers with a variety of techniques. Next, the system uses several techniques to automatically grade a variety of essays, delivering a response almost immediately. The software will then provide the student with either a letter grade or numerical rank in addition to helpful feedback, depending on the scoring system created by the professor.

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