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February 23, 2012

The Technovore: Tablet computing a fixture of commerce, entertainment

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By Andrew DiLuccia, Auburn Journal

There are even smaller versions that offer you plenty of bang for your buck, i.e. the Kindle Fire (14 percent market share) from Amazon, which has been chipping away at the iPad’s reach, and Barnes and Nobles’ Nook Tablet. But the iPad is spawning new ways to work and learn, and gives folks freedom from the old desktop and laptop. Here in Placer County, iPads are being used as cash registers at coffee houses and are finding their way into schools. At Sheridan Elementary, out past Lincoln, students are getting lesson plans through iPads thanks to a couple of grants. “Our intent was that the children would access their curriculum though the iPads,” Sheridan Elementary School Principal Kris Knutson told our sister paper, the Lincoln News Messenger. “The teacher can see the kids’ iPads on her iPad, and if they are having a tough time on a problem, she can throw that up on the interactive wall and the kids can go up and do changes.” Apple is now providing school textbooks through its app store for use on the iPad.

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