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January 18, 2018

Who is the typical college student? You might be surprised

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By Jeremy House, Education Dive
College students are often more than 24 years of age, working at least part time and enrolled in non-selective schools, reports The Wall Street Journal. Also, a larger share are nonwhite, with the most dramatic gains over the past 20 years coming among Hispanic students. Pulling from the most recent demographic and education data, the WJS constructs the profile of the typical college student and highlights the diverse backgrounds of a growing share of degree seekers. The international student population also soared as institutions look abroad for full-paying learners to bolster their finances. Liberal arts and humanities, much maligned by politicians, remain the most popular degree programs for many college students. Rounding out the top three are business and health-related programs. But few students pay full freight, receiving need- or merit-based grants from their institutions. Nearly 85% of students at private, nonprofit undergraduate programs colleges receive aid from their schools.

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