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November 17, 2011

Technology charts an inclusive socio-economic growth gradient

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By: Rohit Pande, the Tech Portal

In these two words ‘Information’ and ‘technology’, the aspect to be noticed is the fact that Information always precedes technology. Information existed, technology made it accessible, thereby building a society knowledge rich, aware and discerning. With time, the fact got proven that IT is an enabler of social inclusivity, by the sheer truth that it can bring information to the masses, educate them and make them live a life of quality. Technology is an indispensible aspect in fostering education and the Indian society is waking up to this fact. The One-Laptop-Per-Child was the initial fuel for a future where every corporate have sharpened their lens to laser focus on the under-privileged. It’s not mere distribution of books or schoolbags, as had the practice been really fruitful, the number of drop-outs definitely would have been much less than five million. Of the nearly one million public schools in India, less than 0.2 percent has any form of IT infrastructure or computer-based education.

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