Girl Geeks: Schools don’t encourage women to go into technical fields

By Jason Magder, The Montreal Gazette

At the Internet services company Openface, you can easily tell which desk belongs to Sherri McGurnaghan, the company’s director of voice-over-IP services. Her desk in the loft-style office on the third floor of a building on Park Ave., at the corner of Sherbrooke St. W., is the only one that has a purse slung around the chair. That’s because McGurnaghan is the only woman working among a group of about 20 men. McGurnaghan is part of a group that affectionately calls itself Girl Geeks – women who work in the field of technology. In Montreal, a group of women organizes Girl Geek dinners about once a month. In the last year, attendance at the Girl Geek events has grown from 20 or so to about 80, mostly women.

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