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January 9, 2014

Codecademy Chief Says Computer Programming Holds the Key

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By MELISSA KORN, Wall Street Journal

Zach Sims, the CEO of Codecademy, on gaining respect and making good hires. Want a sure route to a job? Learn to code, says startup co-founder Zach Sims. As chief executive of Codecademy, a two-year-old company that offers free, online instruction in computer programming, Mr. Sims believes that programming skills can be a ticket to upward mobility just as a college degree has been for generations. Lots of people seem to agree: 24 million unique users had signed on for courses on Codecademy’s platform by December, compared with eight million as of a year earlier. And the learn-to-code movement has gone global, with celebrities like Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh and nonprofits such as Girls Who Code and urging people of all ages to become fluent in JavaScript, HTML, Python and other computer languages. Yet it isn’t clear whether Codecademy will profit from teaching people how to program.

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