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December 15, 2013

Unbundled: Reimagining Higher Education

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by Anant Agarwal, Huffington Post

A specific example of unbundling content might be what my colleague from the University of California, Berkeley, Armando Fox, has called “SPOCs”: Small Private Online Course (like MOOC, another awkward acronym). With SPOCs, universities can license courses offered through edX or another MOOC provider and incorporate some of the online course material into their own on-campus course. This is just like using another scholar’s textbook; the only difference is that the content is delivered not through typeset ink on paper, but via a dynamic bit-mapped display. No one could have predicted the explosion of interest in MOOCs that has occurred in the past year. Nor can we predict where MOOC technology and research will lead us. But we can examine these innovations and collaborate on how best to use them to transform and re-imagine higher education. Success will lie in experimenting with these new concepts, along with many more we can now only begin to imagine.

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