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December 11, 2013

My Turn: Online, all the time

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By KATELYN GAGNON, Concordia Monitor

It’s impossible for me to get through my day without using some form of technology, whether it is school-based or purely for entertainment purposes. I wake up to the alarm on my phone, open my computer to read the news and check my email to see if my professors have sent out anything pertaining to class that day. Almost all of the work submitted to my professors is online, meaning that having a laptop is an essential part of my life as a college student. It’s what I use for homework, research, shopping and job hunting. The only thing I don’t use my computer for is taking notes in class. Having the internet at my fingertips during lecture proves to be very distracting. There’s a lot of technology my generation takes for granted, but one thing I know I’ll never take for granted is my Kindle e-reader. Not only do I have access to my favorite books at the touch of a button, but I’m able to purchase several of my textbooks at less than half the cost of buying the actual book. What more can a college student ask?

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