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July 30, 2013

Making Online Learning Faster and more fun by adding more artificial intelligence

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BY BRIAN WANG, Next Big Future

Udacity has evolved the MOOC concept into one that really helps people throughout the course; to complete the course. We have to really work on artificial intelligence, really understand, like, where can we take a student if they have a certain kind of learning profile. We do some of it manually right now; we analyze student profiles, we make predictions of what are the success rates, and then we intervene manually right now based on the predictions we get from students’ profiles. But we haven’t automated this yet. So eventually it’s going to be a big piece of artificial intelligence that sits there, watches you learn, and helps you pick the right learning venue or task, so you’re more effective and have more pleasure.

In 5 years, Udacity wants to be a university for the 21st century.

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