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July 30, 2013

From Hype to Nuanced Promise: American Higher Education and the MOOC 3.0 Era

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by Cathy Sandeen, Huffington Post

That Inside Higher Ed story referred to a theory that I have for some time thought was an appropriate way of thinking about the MOOC evolution: the Gartner technology “hype cycle.” MOOCs already have moved through several stages along that cycle, from their initial breakthrough to inflated expectations and down into the trough of disillusionment. MOOC 3.0 is akin to the Gartner scale’s slope of enlightenment, where second and third generation products begin to emerge. Eventually, the hype cycle predicts, we will enter a plateau of productivity and the various permutations of MOOCs will become part of the higher education mainstream. I think we already are entering this next phase.

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