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July 15, 2013

Can Coursera Take Teachers Beyond The Lecture Hall?

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by Christina Quattrocchi, edSurge

So far, MOOCs are great for lectures with talking heads, whiteboards and PowerPoint slides. However, while lectures and auto feedback may be great for learning things like computer science, this method of teaching doesn’t quite apply the same way to teaching teachers how to teach. As the launch of Courera’s teacher professional development courses comes closer, a few brave professors will attempt to transfer what they know about how to develop teachers from hands-on, inquiry-based labs to Coursera’s lecture-based format. Professor Chris “CJ” Thompson’s course, ‘Inquiry Science Learning’ from Rice University, will be part of the pioneering cohort of teacher professional development courses offered. Thompson is currently part of Rice’s STEMscopes, an online resource for Texas teachers that provides teachers with curriculum and support to do hands-on inquiry in their classes.

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