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June 10, 2013

As Data Floods In, Massive Open Online Courses Evolve

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By Tom Simonite, Technology Review

As online education companies track students’ behavior and experiment with different delivery methods, assumptions about effectiveness are being challenged. Several education startups that launched in 2012 attracted millions of students with relatively simple courses. Analyzing which parts of them worked could help them maintain popularity after the initial rush of interest. In 2012, education startups attracted millions of students—and a surge of interest from universities and the media—by offering massive open online courses, or MOOCs. Now some core features of these wildly popular courses are being dissected, enabling the course providers to do some learning of their own. As these companies analyze user data and experiment with different features, they are exploring how to customize students’ learning experiences, and they are amassing a stock of pedagogical tricks to help more students finish their courses.

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