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May 29, 2013

Imminent Chaos

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Bruce Judson, Business Insider

The next phase of digital disruption is now here, and I suspect higher education officials are, with few exceptions, not ready. As I look at what is happening, I suspect there is one thing I bring to analyzing this landscape that the majority of higher education officials do not: The perspective of someone who has intimately lived the digital disruption of two separate industries, magazines and book publishing. In addition, I have been studying the patterns of how digital disruption happens since my initial involvement in Web innovations over 15 years ago. From this viewpoint, I strongly suggest that higher education officials must develop an immediate sense of urgency. Here’s why: First, there is a clear pattern to the digital disruption of industries: Change happens slowly and then quickly. Our society has been here before. The pain in the retail, music, newspaper, magazine and book industries is ongoing. And our nation is far poorer for the many former employees of these industries who have never regained their former ability to provide for their families or contribute to our nation’s prosperity.

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