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May 26, 2013

Solving the skills gap: Udemy, TechCrunch launch online learning platform for the tech world

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By Davide Savenije, Education Dive

“The trends are clear. More and more, people are going to be able to educate themselves on an as-needed basis as they progress through life. Where the universities stand in that is a question the universities need to answer.”  -Ned Desmond, COO at TechCrunch. On Wednesday, TechCrunch, an online publication for the tech and startup world, announced it has teamed up with online learning provider Udemy to launch CrunchU, an online learning platform for startups and tech companies. s I noted when Udemy launched its platform for organizations, there’s an untapped market for skills-based learning—and universities are not filling it. University degrees are dropping in value, partly because many are no longer relevant to college graduates five years down the line. New technologies and methodologies are rendering college educations obsolete within just a few years. Out of this crater-sized hole, commonly known as the “skills gap,” online platforms like CrunchU are emerging.

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