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February 15, 2013

Online Learning: Business schools should embrace big data

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By Andy Neely, Financial Times

The challenge for individual schools then is how to approach this issue of big data. Do they form partnerships with third-party providers and run the risk of creating a new and more powerful breed of educational competitor? Alternatively do schools deliberately seek to create their own big data by engaging in the world of Moocs and then build the necessary internal capabilities to harvest and analyse this information? Do representative bodies for business schools or some of the accreditation agencies intervene and seek to build capability across the business school sector? One thing is certain – as learning materials digitise and the popularity of Moocs grows, we will see a very different model of education unfold. This model will draw on data and insight, as much as faculty knowledge and experience, to ensure that education materials and learning processes are as effective as possible. Business schools cannot afford to ignore this potentially seismic shift in the world of education. Those schools that do are likely to find themselves falling by the wayside as others exploit the power and potential of analytics in education.

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