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May 5, 2021

When the Faculty Lounge Goes After College Sports

Filed under: Online Learning News — Ray Schroeder @ 12:10 am

GREG DUMAS, National Review

A growing number of college administrators are trying to convince students, alumni, and donors that the time has come to eliminate college sports. Dozens of universities — including Brown, Michigan State, William & Mary, Iowa, and George Washington — have abruptly eliminated scores of athletic teams this year, in sports including swimming, tennis, gymnastics, lacrosse, rowing, wrestling, and track and field. Hundreds more are on the chopping block. The decisions usually come with hand-wringing about budget woes, COVID challenges, and fundraising shortfalls necessitating “painful cuts,” but the reality is far simpler: Many administrators have always looked down on college sports, and they finally have a pretext for axing them.

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