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April 28, 2021

The Many Faces of Malware: A Tour of Real-World Samples

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Neil J. Rubenking, PC Magazine

Chances are good you’ve never seen malware up close and personal. Even if you threw caution to the winds and visited a dangerous site or clicked a treacherous link, your antivirus software probably wiped out any offending program before the latter could say boo. So, you might wonder, just what does malware look like? Would I even recognize a malware program if I saw it? To be fair, a lot of malicious programs don’t look like anything at all. A virus, for example, tries its best to hide from view while infecting other files and computers. A bot sits quietly on your computer until it gets orders from the command and control center to spew some spam or participate in a DDoS attack on a major website. Trojans, by contrast, appear to be useful, legitimate programs, putting up a pretty facade to hide background activities like stealing your personal data. And when ransomware hollers for your attention, it’s bad news.

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