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May 19, 2020

How will online education evolve?

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Leah Belsky, ZD Net

“Professors will take on a slightly different role, which is facilitating classrooms, facilitating discussions both in person and online, but using courses and lectures from other universities. That’s kind of the world we’re preparing for,” said Belsky. “I think the role of the professor is going to change, the amount of time students spend learning online is going to change, the way universities collaborate is going to change”¬†Education price points will change amid university deficits and pushback on tuition for in-person learning vs online. “I think online education if done right can be incredibly powerful. It may be that the price point is slightly different, and we at Coursera make a point of trying to lower the cost of the education that we’re providing so that it can be more affordable,” said Belsky.

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